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3 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Branding

A brand refresh is simple just follow these 3 easy tips and tricks to update and improve your brand identity to better align with your goals.

Is it time? Do you feel that your brand needs a little facelift… a little revamp? Are you nervous that changing things and doing a re-brand will impact the brand recognition that you built up with your current audience, customers, and clients? Well, you’re in luck, I am here to tell you… that you might not need a full re-brand. You might just need a little refresh, a little brand revamp!

Over time a brand can become stale, outdated, or even stagnate. Or, more often than not, the original brand that you built expanded or you no longer offer the same service you did when you originally created it. It could be just as simple as your brand design just no longer fits with the initial vibe. Don’t fear, there are a few things you can do to spruce up and makeover your brand without a complete overhaul!

What exactly is a brand refresh and how can you refresh your brand?

Tip #1 – Refresh your Brands Color Palette

A pretty easy and simple tip… simply update your colors!

You can do this by adding a few extra colors to your already existing color palette. Which is great for someone who is only using a few colors and doesn’t have a complete color palette yet. Jazz things up and add a pop of color, or a neutral depending on what your current palette consists of. Try to steer clear of colors that are too trendy, otherwise, you will be back in the same boat again. Pick colors based on your clientele and your business industry. 

Another way to freshen your color palette is to simply revamp your entire pallet. Yes, this can sound a little scary but, you don’t need to fully start over. For example, if your current branding palette has black – think about changing that to a dark charcoal… or if you are using a grey think about changing that to a navy blue. You can also play with vibrancy here – if you are using a blush pink, think about taking that pink and adding a pop to make it more of a salmon or even a coral.

Tip #2 – Modernize your Logo Design

Even well-known brands have modernized their logo designs over the years… think Walmart, Apple, Starbucks even Instagram. This doesn’t have to be a big change, you can do this by keeping the same concept and overall design layout. All you are doing is updating and modernizing the overall design – with a fresh new logo.

Tip #3 – New Fonts

This should not be a dramatic or drastic change at all, as this is the main part of your overall brand identity. However, a simple small change to the font might just be what you need.

  • Does your current logo use a trendy font style, which is now overused or just outdated?
  • Is your current font legible?
  • Do you even like the original style typeface you choose?
  • Does your font or typeface flow with the overall product or service? Does it match the same style as your clientele?

Just like with colors, you can always add to your fonts. Are you only using a single typeface or something that is very simple? Mix it up and add a bolder style accent font. Choose a different font weight, maybe your current font is thinner – add a pop of boldness with a thinker style in the same typeface family. This typeface also doesn’t need to make up your actual main logo, you can use this additional font as an accent to your social media, maybe even blog graphics, website titles, etc.

Just remember a brand refresh is not a full rebrand so if you are only wanting to have a little facelift, don’t overdo it. Only update one or two of the above, otherwise, you will be looking into a total redesign of your brand, which can intern defeat the original purpose of keeping your brand recognition. 

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