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The Answers to your Questions

It really just depends on your brand. Most branding experiences typically take 2-6 weeks, once started. This depends upon your timely communication along the way as well as the package purchased. 

Yes, you can upgrade your custom logo design package at anytime if you decide you want to start with a smaller package and upgrade a few months down the road. There is a 10% added fee to upgraded package, when you choose to do so. 

The primary difference between semi-custom and custom logo design is that semi-custom logos start with one of our premade logo templates, which can be found in our shop. 

A custom logo design is created from scratch, from the ground up. Meaning we start with a blank slate and work from an inspiration to curate fonts, color palettes resulting in custom design that is created just for you and your business.   

Branding goes beyond just visual elements, it’s more than a logo. Branding is the process of creating a distinct and recognizable identity for a product, service or company.

Effective branding is achieved when all the various components, including your logo, social media content, and marketing materials, consistently convey the same story. It communicates a companies values, personality, and promise to its target audience.

Brand Board is a quick and easy reference to find your color codes, see your fonts, and quickly view all of your logos at once. Any client can benefit from having a brand board – as this can be given to web designers, printers, and other members of your business – as a reference guide. Read more here >>

If you have doubts about the design or strategy, please let me know. I’m here to offer feedback and discuss the thinking behind why I created the design in a particular way. My goal is that you feel confident and enthusiastic about your project. If something doesn’t quite click, let’s collaborate to discover a solution that suits your needs.

Your journey doesn’t end when your website launches or your logo design is created. In fact… it’s only just beginning. 

In order to establish an effective brand you should incorporate other components like a website, business cards, social media templates, packaging, etc. We are happy to offer extended design services if you need help with these additional items, please let us know! 
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