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3 Reasons to Start an Email Marketing List

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While we all know that social media is amazing and some platforms can even grow our business and gain more exposure, there are quite a few reasons why you should not just bank your business on social media followers and why you should build an email marketing list. It’s been proven that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to earn more money for your business. But no matter if you are a product-based or service business you should, in fact, have an email list, if you want to grow and survive.

1. Keep your Brand on Top

An email list is a great way of keeping your brand in the minds of your potential clients and audience. With new businesses popping up monthly, weekly, and even daily… staying on top of your potential clients’ minds is key. Let’s be real for a minute, it’s very likely that a potential client will visit your site one day, and then forget about you the next. In order to create a potential long-term client, keeping your brand fresh in their mind is great for future business.

2. Provides a Direct Connection

Having your own email list gives you the freedom and direct connection with your audience. Due to social media algorithms always changing, you never have to guess if they saw your post or if your image even came up on their feed – you are sending an email directly to them! Your email list is something you own! If Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter shut down tomorrow what would happen to your business?

3. Builds Trust and Brand Recognition

If you are constantly offering valuable information to your audience via email newsletters, they are more willing to build trust in you. The rule of thumb is to always offer about 3 valuable emails, without selling them on anything! Then you can send an email to help promote your product or service. Doing this also allows you to also charge a premium for your service or product as well, as you are seen as a more beneficial asset to them.

Just think of what you can do for conversion rates! As stated above, email marketing is a very powerful tool and one of the most effective ways to make more money for your business.

Do you currently have an email list? Make sure to also check out my post on 3 simple ways to create value to your email opt-in list.  

email marketing, how to start an email list, Why you should have an email list, how to build brand recognition, conversion rates

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