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4 Quick Tips on How to Brand Your Instagram

brand your instagram with tips and this course make Instagram work better for your business.

I am taking today to give you a few tips on how you can easily brand your Instagram… and help with your struggles on what you should post about! There are so many different courses on how you can brand your Instagram and make Instagram work better for your business. Here are just a few tips on how you can do this.

Tip #1 – Create Categories

Simple tip, right? Think of about 5 categories you want to post about… why 5? Well, five will help to stagger them so that your content is more on a grid pattern. In turn, you will always have topics to post or write about and will not need to struggle with what you post.

For example, my 5 categories are Portfolio, Business, Branding, Social Media, and Design Tips.

Tip #2 – Post once a day

While I do not follow this, you really should post at least one time a day. I find that the more you post the more relevant your account is, the more known your account will be, and you will gain more followers when you post on a consistent basis.

Now, with Insta Stories this allows you to still post to your page without adding content to your grid on a daily basis – but this still shows that you are active and engaging.

Apps like Later or Planoly allow you to schedule posts ahead of time, which helps to alleviate the pressure of creating a post each day and pushing it through. I personally love using LaterApp.

brand your instagram with tips and this course make Instagram work better for your business.

Tip #3 – Engage

In your posts, engage with your audience. Let them in, have the post be about them… and not about you. Focus on asking them questions and getting responses… then follow up with them. Be authentic, and share your life, business, and brand. Make introductions. Don’t always try and sell them a product or send them to your website!

Tip #4 – Create a Consistent look

This can be very easily achievable if you have a brand style board! Stick with your brand colors, fonts, and images that represent your overall brand. Light and bright photos always get the most attention, remember that. Also mixing your posts up, with images, and text quotes is a great way to play off the grid pattern. I created a blog post article, for you, on my top 20 FREE stock photo websites, included in that list are a few Subscription-based stock sites as well.

Also, make sure you look at your Instagram stats… view your old pots to see what worked and why. Look at your hashtags, look at your post caption. It’s very easy to get a system in place once you just start.

brand your instagram with tips and this course make Instagram work better for your business.


  • Thank you Lindsay! This was so helpful. As I start this journey of beginning a web-based business, it has been awesome to read your blog and get all of your insights.

  • Thank you Lindsay! I’m a little technologically challenged. But,, Your blog is such a huge help. I’m so glad I found you. You share an abundance of helpful information and guidance for us newbies. Thank you so much.. You’re such a blessing.

  • Thank you! I need to figure out the best way to authentically engage with people on Instagram…it’s a new format for me. Thanks for the tips!


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