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4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Website

4 reasons why you should have a website, website design, brand design, get found on google, establish credibly

I’m on social media, do I need a website? If you have ever asked yourself this question… the answer will always be yes – if you are a small business that wants to grow its brand! A website is extremely important, especially when you combine it with your social media accounts. There are many reasons why you should have a website, today I am going to just focus on four important ones.

1. Establish Professionalism and Credibility

A website makes you look more credible and legitimate to your audience and following. Websites also allow you to add a clear quick image of what your product or service is so that your audience is not confused about what you do. Living in a digital world, it’s more often than not that clients expect businesses to have websites.

First impressions do count, and having a website allows you to make an amazing strong impression for your business. Having a stunning website that stands out gives you the credibility to charge the prices that you are worth.

2. Websites Get You Found

Google and Pinterest are such powerful tools, which drive traffic to your website. There is greater potential for people to find you, or even stumble upon your website through a pin that went viral, or by you adding the proper SEO to one of your website pages. When you just have a social media account your posts might go unnoticed within a day or not even show up on your follower’s feed and they won’t be found on Google when someone is doing a search on that product or service.

3. Showcase your Product or Service

Having your own website allows you to fully showcase and outline your services to your audience. You can provide them with stunning images, video tutorials, downloadable PDFs, information, and much more without them needing to go elsewhere or search for these things on multiple social media platforms.

Having a website also allows you to work with your dream clients, since they can get a full visual of what you offer, and they can see if they are truly the right fit or not for your brand.

4. Gives you Control of Your Brand

You actually have very little control over your social media accounts… and I know I have said it before – but what if social media shut down? What would you have to show for your business?

Having your own website allows you to control how your audience perceives you. It also allows you tools like Google Analytics, so you can track your own data of your audience, what time they visit your site the most, what they are searching for to get there, and what topics they are most interested in. This gives you better knowledge to grow and expand since you are getting greater insights into what your audience really wants.

4 reasons why you should have a website, website design, brand design, get found on google, establish credibly

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